Machine modernisation “Retrofit”

Cost savings

  • A new control system is the cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new cutting machine.
  • Short retrofitting time of just around 2 days. Our control system is supplied fully pre-tested.
  • All servomotors are supplied with prefabricated adapter plates. The old motor is simply replaced with the new one. There is no need to make any adaptations on-site, which significantly reduces the conversion time.
  • User-friendly control system interface with a very short familiarisation phase. After just a few hours, the user is able to work independently with the new control system. This means no laborious, time-consuming training is required.
  • An optionally integrated modem enables remote diagnoses and software updates worldwide. This drastically reduces service costs.

Vendor independence

  • The conversion has multivendor-capability and can be implemented for all cutting machines from various manufacturers.


  • Fast provision of replacement parts overnight due to own stock-keeping.
  • Hardware components are independent and can be easily exchanged. If individual assemblies are no longer available after a longer period of time, it is possible to switch to other systems without any major difficulty.
  • Existing safety equipment can be integrated into our control system. The safety technology can be updated at the customer’s request.
  • Certification in accordance with CE can be implemented as an optional extra.
  • Modernisations and conversions are also implemented by us in-house at the customer’s request.