Automatic vertical cutting machine sitola SVC

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Automatic vertical cutting machine type sitola SVC

The automatic vertical cutting machine type sitola SVC is used to cut sheets or trim blocks of PU and PE foams, rebonded foams and similar materials in the industries of furniture, mattresses and packing.

Producer of machine

sitola | cut technologies

Year of construction


Caracteristics of the machine

Table left of the blade: 2250 mm (extension optional)

Table right of the blade: 2250 mm (extension optional)

Cutting length: 2600 mm (extension optional)

Cutting height: 1350 mm / 1550 mm

Height of left side stop: 1000 mm (extension optional)

Height of right side stop: 1000 mm (extension optional)

2 side stops available, one of them foldable for an improved loading of the machine

Blade speed: continuously variable

Cutting speed: 4-45 m/min

Automatic grinding unit

Dust exhausting unit

Optional features:

Turntable to cut precise blocks

Air cushion to better handle and move heavy blocks

Holding down device to fix the blocks on the table

Optics for precise knife grinding

Cutting tool

8 x 0,45 mm

10 x 0,45 mm

15 x 0,45 mm

Additional information machine

Due to the increased knife tension and the motor-adjustable knife guide, the knife can be safely guided even in materials that are difficult to cut.

Multivendor capability

The common spare parts for the machine are manufacturer-independent and compatible with those of other manufacturers of cutting machines.

Power supply

The power supply is 400 VAC with 50 / 60 cycles. This may be adapted as per your specification. An optional transformer may become necessary.

Power consumption:

Condition of machine

The machine is brand new.

Safety advise machine

The machine is manufactured according CE (European Standard).

The operator of the cutting machine is responsible for any required and additional safety installations or certificates according to local regulations.

Delivery of the machine includes a safety fence.


The manual for the control is in German / English. Other languages are available upon request.

new sitola control for vertical foam cutting machines included

We use state-of-the-art automation components. The control is a Siemens PLC. The user interface is a Siemens touch screen monitor.  It is installed in a Rittal switch cabinet.


Producer of control unit

sitola | cut technologies

User interface

The user-interface has been designed for a fast familiarisation time and is friendly to use.

Optional operating panel

The control can be optionally integrated into a separate mobile panel. This saves significantly space in front of the machine.

Remote access

An integrated modem enables remote diagnoses and software updates worldwide.


Short delivery times upon agreement.