What is Retrofit?

Retrofit is the replacement of mechanical and electrical components and the modernisation of the control system of your foam cutting machine. Since older technology tends to wear out and is not available any more Retrofit is the perfect way for older machines to reach the state-of-the-art without having to be completely replaced. 


Cost savings by Retrofit

  • A new control system is the cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new cutting machine or even Retrofits offered by other suppliers. 
  • Short retrofitting time of just around 2 days. 
  • If necessary, the old motor is simply replaced with the new one. There is no need to make any adaptations on-site, which significantly reduces the conversion time. 
  • User-friendly control system interface. 
  • An optionally integrated modem enables remote diagnoses and software updates worldwide. This drastically reduces service costs. 


Vendor independence

  • The conversion has multivendor-capability and can be implemented for all cutting machines from various manufacturers. 
  • The sitola CNC-control reads machine code of various providers. That means you can continue using your CAD programming software. 


Reliability by Retrofit

  • Fast provision of replacement parts overnight due to own stockkeeping. 
  • The newest generation of hardware components is independent and can be easily exchanged. If individual assemblies are no longer available after a longer period of time, it is possible to switch to other systems without any major difficulty. 
  • You may choose between a complete upgrade of the machine and partial upgrades of defective components. 
  • Existing safety equipment can be integrated into our control system. 
  • Certification in accordance with CE can be implemented as an optional extra.