CNC Konturenschneidemaschinen

Unsere Steuerung für CNC-Konturenschneidemaschinen ist die kostengünstige Alternative zum Kauf einer neuen Schneidemaschine. Sie kann universell in Schneidemaschinen unterschiedlichster Hersteller integriert werden. Alle Schneidprogramme können direkt über unser Steuerungssystem gelesen und bearbeitet werden. Das vorhandene CAD-Programmiersystem kann somit weiter verwendet werden. Außerdem verbauen wir Technologien der neuesten Generation und halten ein eigenes Lager an den Komponenten und Motoren. Dadurch werden lange Wartezeiten im Fehlerfall verhindert.


sitola control for CNC contour cutting machines

The sitola CNC control is a multifunctional device that has been developed to replace the original control of all types of CNC contour cutting machines. It is the cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new cutting machine as you may be able to continue working with the machine for a long time. 


We use state-of-the-art automation components. The control is installed in a Rittal switch cabinet. The user interface is a 13,3" touch screen monitor with a fast SSD hard drive. All servo inverters of the control are new. The servomotors and cables are being changed as well if necessary.

The other AC motors, sensors and connecting cables of the contour cutting machine may remain.

User interface

The user-interface has been designed for a fast familiarisation time and is friendly to use. 

Optional Panel

The control can be optionally integrated into a separate mobile panel. This saves significantly space in front of the machine. 

Multivendor Capability

The conversion has multivendor-capability and can be implemented for all cutting machines from various manufacturers. 

Cutting programs

The sitola CNC-control reads machine code of various providers. That means you can continue using your CAD programming software. Cutting programs G-CODE and SLD - programs can be used.

The control also has an integrated dxf-converter that allows a fast creation a your cutting programs. 

Network connection

The control can be integrated to your corporate network by LAN or WIFI connection. 

Remote access

An optionally integrated modem enables remote diagnoses and software updates worldwide. 


The control has an intelligent uninterrupted power supply unit integrated. In case of a sudden power loss the machine will be able to shut down safely. 

Cooling System

The control cabinet has an integrated cooling system. This reduces the pollution of dust in the control and results in a longer lifetime of the electrical components. 

Power Supply

The power supply is 400 VAC with 50 / 60 cycles. This may be adapted as per your specification. An optional transformer may become necessary. 

Completely tested

The control is delivered completely tested and ready for a plug-and-play installation in order to keep the installation time short.