Manual vertical cutting machine
sitola SVC-M


The manual vertical cutting machine SVC-M with fixed cutting unit and manually movable sliding table works with a rotating smooth or toothed band knife. The machine trims foam blocks, cuts sheet goods from various materials such as PU soft and hard foam, PE, EPDM, fleece material, Basotect®, rock and glass wool.

The design of the machine is with a side stop on the right side. The motorized, adjustable upper knife guide is also a knife protection and is set to the respective block height via the control panel of the machine. The right side stop is set to the required position using a handwheel with a ratchet function. 

Pneumatic tensioning of the band knife with additional pressure switching for a temporary increase in the knife tension. The high-quality anodized aluminum sheets of the work table enable low-friction movement of the material to be cut. 

Caracteristics of the machine

  • Table left of the blade: 1.250 mm *
  • Table right of the blade: 1.250 mm *
  • Cutting length: 2.300 mm *
  • Cutting height: 1.300 mm *
  • Height of right side stop: 500 mm *

* extension optional

Manual vertical cutting machine  <br> <b>sitola SVC-M</b>

Product details sitola SVC-M

Cutting tool

8 x 0,45 mm 10 x 0,45 mm 15 x 0,45 mm

Power supply

The power supply is 400 VAC with 50 / 60 cycles. This may be adapted as per your specification. An optional transformer may become necessary.


There is a warranty of 1 year for the machine.

Safety advise machine

The machine is manufactured according CE (European Standard). Delivery of the machine includes a safety fence.


The manual for the machine and control is in German / English. Other languages are available upon request.