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We make sure that your production runs safely with the development, modernization and maintenance of foam cutting machines Our Products

In addition to new cutting machines, you can also purchase used machines from us.

Benefit from a guaranteed supply of spare parts and avoid expensive production downtime.

We bring your old foam cutting machine back up to date with the latest technology. That pays off!

We also provide service of foam cutting machines from manufacturers such as Albrecht Bäumer or Fecken-Kirfel.

Made in Germany

At our location in Freudenberg we produce cutting machines of our own design as well as precision band knives and spare parts.

◎ High quality due to German design and production
◎ Worldwide maintenance services
◎ Guaranteed availability of spare parts
◎ Planning reliability through transparent costs
◎ Machine modernization of all brands

50+ working steps 85+ applications 20+ years of experience

Your needs
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“Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials. This guarantees our customers the highest precision in processing and first-class utility. We develop solutions for a wide range of customer needs: foam manufacturers, upholstered furniture manufacturers, mattress manufacturers, automotive suppliers, packaging manufacturers, household items, technical industrial products and insulation processors.”

Thomas Siebel, founder of sitola cut technologies

Cutting machines 01 02 Cutting tools Band saw pointed teeth set, band saw angled teeth set… Cutting tools → 02 Cutting tools 03 Spare parts 03 Spare parts Cutting wires, grinding stones, running wheels, knife turning, controller, spare parts cutting head Spare parts → 01 Cutting machines oscillating band knife, revolving band knife, standard band knife, precision band knife... Cutting machines →

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